Continuous Connection


According to Harvard Business Review, the “Age of Continuous Connection” is upon us. Companies from theme park operators, to publishers to sporting providers are using the idea of being continuously connected to customers (using data from wristbands, digital textbooks and apparel sensors, respectively) and creating customized experiences for them. Buildings can offer the same kind of data and allow you to better manage entire campuses in real-time – saving countless operating and maintenance data.

Syyclops is a next generation digital twin technology that is helping facility managers and finance professionals within organizations of all types better understand their buildings – by offering a continuous connection to them.

HBR outlines a four-part approach for companies looking to maintain a continuous connection to customers:

  • Respond to Desires (make what the customer wants available)
  • Curate an Offering (make it available immediately)
  • Coach Behaviors (condition users to expect the offering)
  • Execute Automatically (make it seamless).

Adapting that for the maintenance and operation of buildings might look like this:

  • Identify Problems (pinpoint a problem today and where there might be one tomorrow)
  • Offer Up Solutions (make the remedy obvious, available and easy)
  • Evolve Staff Behavior (condition staff to expect building maintenance to be data driven)
  • Monitor and Refine (refine your continuous connection approach for your operating reality)

Syyclops can help at every stage.


Identify Problems: An air handling unit motor is drawing more current than it did the last 3 weeks, why? This was identified via an Automated Fault Diagnostic and Detection platform that works with Syyclops.

Offer Up Solutions: Based on the current draw profile, it is a dirty filter, motor is reaching its useful life, or a belt needs to be tightened.

Evolve Staff Behavior: Staff is provided with the three possibilities and Syyclops recommends filter change. With built in data for the right filter, staff can initiate work order virtually for the filter change.

Monitor and Refine:
Over time with the refinement of the process, continuous connection will allow the work order to be automatically created with no human intervention and the automated ordering of the right filter. Now, staff can execute with the right parts in less time.


“With Syyclops, we really do have a continuous connection to our buildings. By having this connection in the form of a digital twin, we can create a repository of data for the building and then start to build an institutional knowledgebase to troubleshoot any plan properly. We can take a virtual walk through our building and check-in on our assets. It’s completely changed the way we think about our buildings.”
Norm Long
HavTech CEO