Actionable Heat Maps

Today’s challenge is no longer aggregating data, it is how to synthesize the data to a manageable and actionable format.

Enter Syyclop’s heat map feature. With it, users can see – in an instant – where problems exist and where they might soon exist. Users can see which work orders are behind schedule and visualize the building issues holistically.

Syyclops uses real-time, streaming data from your buildings to generate a heat-map of things like:

  • Assets with a 5 year or less remaining useful life (RUL)
  • Systems nearing maximum capacity or throughput
  • Work Order Schedules
  • Energy use of equipment
  • Expiring warranties or approaching maintenance milestones

Engage with your building in 3D and bring all the data sources into one platform to integrate them all, no experience with the systems themselves or background in maintenance or facilities management is required for use.

Success in Action: Flint Hill School

Already, school campuses in Virginia and the Washington-metro region are embracing Syyclops digital twin technology. One such school is Flint Hill School, with a 400,000 square-foot campus in Northern Virginia. Utilizing Flint Hill’s four main building data streams – the hard asset (the building), asset cutsheets, dynamic operational data (controls), and institutional knowledge of staff – Syyclops is able to bring all of this data together to make it actionable and interactive – rather than siloed and inaccessible as it was before. For Flint Hill and for its other users, Syyclops is moving them from a system of record to a true system of insight.
“We’re incredibly excited about this partnership,” Flint Hill head of facilities Dennis Giuliani said. “Working with Syyclops we believe we can cut our maintenance costs significantly, become a more energy efficient campus, and apply our resources where they’re needed most – for our students.”
Dennis Giuliani
Head of Facilities